Resin Blender Systems


Resin Blender Systems

Improves your bottom line and reduces production inefficiencies.

Is your business in need of a cost-effective way to reintroduce scrap material into your blow mold process for an even blend? The conveyor system engineers at Automation Ideas helps manufacturing and industrial companies install and integrate resin blender systems that can help these businesses become more efficient. Resin blenders are an automated conveyor system that is used for combining regrind and virgin resin.

Resin Blender Systems Conveyor Manufacturer
  • 4000 lbs./hour capacity
  • 12 cu. ft. of virgin resin storage
  • 5 cu. ft. of regrind storage
  • Independently variable stainless steel augurs
  • Bindicator® level indicators
  • Independent low-level/high-level alarms
  • Resin bin sight windows
  • 480 volt operation

  • No exposed moving parts
  • Easily accessible emergency stop
  • Hinged door on takeaway with safety switch

A Resin Blender System can provide the following benefits:

  • Improves Your Bottom Line – Makes the most out of your resin investment by evenly blending your regrind with virgin pellets for reintroduction to your blow molder.
  • Reduces Production Inefficiencies – Consistently blends materials for optimal bottle production.
  • Part of a Total Solution – Can be integrated with scrap and resin handling systems from Automation Ideas to maintain your workflow at continuous peak efficiency.


Resin Blender Systems

Industry leading engineered designs to assist with your container handling needs.

Optional features

  • Additional resin or regrind bin storage
  • Resin color feeder
  • Voltage options
  • Extension for virgin and regrind hoppers

Resin Blender Systems from Automation Ideas

If you are interested in our resin blender systems, or would like to learn more about any of our other equipment, please contact us here or give our dedicated support team a call at (616) 874-4041.

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