Leak Detection Systems


Leak Detection Equipment

Test containers for leaks or neck defects early in your production process.

When plastic containers are manufactured at high volumes, there will be defects in the containers. These containers should be tested early in the production line to verify that the bottle is good before entering other downstream equipment like decorating or filling. Our leak detection systems will test the bottles by measuring the decay of air pressure so we can reject those defective containers.

Our PLD leak detection systems can range in many different configurations. We can run 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 test heads to accomplish a large range of speeds from 5-100 bottles per minute. Sometimes we add more heads so the testing time is longer, this allows us to achieve smaller holes to meet the customer’s specifications. A table top conveyor will bring containers into the testing zone and reject defective products off the conveyor.
Our PLD for Trimmer mount applications is a very easy way to test bottles after they are trimmed in a laydown process. Many Uniloy machines have a cooling bed and laydown trimming system. You can mount our panel and test containers on the index buckets after the trimmer. Our system is a direct replacement for old QT-210 and AIS leak testers.


Features of Leak Detection Systems

Our leak detection systems are entirely self-contained and include state of the art valves and circuitry.

PLDII – Bottle Leak Detector

Trimmer Mount Leak Detectors

Standard & Optional Features

  • Available in single or multi head configurations
  • Linear or Trimmer mounted
  • Custom nose cones to fit any container size
  • State of the art controls and color touch screen operator station
  • Quick change manifold for air connections
  • 110v or 24v power supply options
  • Programmable for individual bottle settings for easy changeover
  • Password protection

Leak Detection Systems from Automation Ideas

If you are interested in our leak detection systems from Automation Ideas, or would like to learn more about any of our other equipment, please contact us here or give our dedicated support team a call at (616) 874-4041.

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