Annealing Ovens


Annealing Ovens

Rapidly shrinks HDPE bottles to their desired size.

Automation Ideas can help businesses produce products with consistent bottle volumes. Our annealing ovens for HDPE bottles is a cost-effective way for preventing costly over-fills of products. After being blow molded, HDPE bottles have a tendency to shrink and they never end up at the exact same size, especially if some are cooled faster than others.

Annealing Ovens HDPE Bottles Container Conveyors
  • Stainless-Steel Construction
  • Variable-Speed Conveyor
  • Water Cooled Side Guide Rails
  • Standard Neck Cooling Rails
  • In-Line Curing
  • Volumetric Quality Control
  • Back-Up Blow Off
  • PLC and HMI Controlled

  • Safe operation with integrated safety bottle blow-off system to ensure no containers back-up into heated annealing tunnel.

An annealing oven will rapidly shrink bottles to their desired size. After this happens, the bottles don’t shrink anymore when stored and each bottle will cure to the same size. We have helped scores of companies save money by rapidly curing HDPE bottles before filling. If your company is experiencing problems with over-filling, you’d be amazed at how quickly an annealing unit from Automation Ideas will pay for itself in saved product.


Annealing Ovens

Industry leading engineered designs to assist with your container handling needs.

Benefits include

  • Eliminates Volume Insert Downtime
  • Eliminates Under and Overfilling

Annealing Ovens from Automation Ideas

If you are interested in our annealing ovens, or would like to learn more about any of our other equipment, please contact us here or give our dedicated support team a call at (616) 874-4041.

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