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Automated System for Rapidly Changing Elevations of Empty or
Full Products

The cost effective and most space efficient way
to change elevations of many products in your
production system.

IMPROVES EFFICIENCY. Eliminates excessive amount of conveyor to reach a designated height. The machine is 108 inches long and has the capability to climb over 20 feet in elevation.

INCREASES FLEXIBILITY. Accommodates a wide variety of bottles and packages. Ranges from 250ml to 5 gallon bottles. Gets corrugated box and spot pack lines off much needed floor space.

SAVES TIME AND LABOR. Takes no employee intervention to run machine.


  • Drive and idler sections mounted into machine for easy transfer
  • Horizontally mounted synchronized dual drives
  • 480V, 3-Phase electrical setup
  • Automatic pneumatic chain tension system
  • Soft jaw grip chain for gentle container grip
  • Rigid 3 inch tubular steel fram construction
  • Dual variable speed controller
  • Panel mounted to side of unit


  • Pinch point guarding
  • Easy accessible emergency stops


  • Panel-view controls
  • Many voltage options available
  • Casters for portability
  • Fully automatic adjuster for faster change in products
  • Discharge to table top, cable, mattop and roller conveyor
  • Washdown/stainless steel construction
  • Hand crank adjuster for multiple bottle types and pack sizes
    • Enclosed beveled gear assembly adjuster
    • Precision acme screw adjuster to maintain container center line
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