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Bulk Small Bottle Bin Storage System

Cost effective way to store many different sizes of small bottles (PET, HDPE, or PE containers)

MAXIMIZES WORKFLOW.  Different bottle sizes are stored in separate container holding bins and bulk conveyed to the unscrambling unit.  Supplies filling lines up to 400 bottles per minute. 

INCREASES FLEXIBILITY. Container size changes can be done by the push of a button with very little changeover time involved.

SAVES TIME AND LABOR. No operator costs for debagging bottles. Bins automatically supply filling line as needed to achieve peak line speeds. Store delicate/light weight containers without risk of decreasing bottle quality from denting, crushing or scratches.


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Bin Sizes: 8' x 8' x 16' Tall Each
  • 850 CU FT Storage Capacity Each
  • 6800 CU FT Total Per Row
  • Mattop Product Inclines Conveyors
  • Automatic Feed Gates and Bin Discharge Doors
  • Electrical Control Panel


  • Multi container select in operator station
  • Multiple bin loading conveyor style options
  • Multiple discharge conveyor configurations
  • Many Bin Capacity options to accommodate customer specifications
  • Electrical Panel Controls upgrades

Watch the Bottle Bin System on YouTube

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