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Annealing Unit for Curing HDPE Bottles

Cost effective way for producing consistent bottle volumes and reducing costly overfills.

MAXIMIZES EFFICIENCY. Bottles will enter the annealing unit directly after container is blowmolded. HDPE containers will shrink up to 2.5% before they are naturally cured to mold size. The annealing unit will rapidly shrink bottles before they are filled or put in storage.

INCREASES FLEXIBILITY. HDPE bottles will be cured of drastic shrinkage and after the annealing unit will be ready for immediate filling or storage. This will ensure stabile bottle volumes to the filler whether sending bottles directly to filler or supplementing from stored bottles.

SAVES TIME AND LABOR. Eliminates Mold Volume Insert changeovers. Saves storage time & space needed for curing bottles.


  • Variable Speed Conveyor
  • Quartz Heat Panels
  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • Line Back up blow off
  • Water-cooled neck rails for
    protecting neck finish
  • Over temperature safety controller
  • Visual and Audio alarms for operators controlling
  • Electrical control panel –
    480-3phase, 60Hz Voltage
    • Nema 4 enclosure

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