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Automatic Leak Detection for Unique and Standard Containers

Cost effective way to monitor good/bad battles and eliminate bad bottles from traveling downstream

MAXIMIZES WORKFLOW. The Precision Bottle Leak Detector will test for a ten thousandths diameter hole at a one second duration.

INCREASES FLEXIBILITY. Accommodates a wide variety of small and large blowmold bottles and containers.

SAVES TIME AND LABOR. No more customers returning bottles because of leaks!

STANDARD FEATURES: Bottle Leak Detector

  • - Integrated diagnostics for troubleshooting
  • - No internal service work necessary
  • - Unit is entirely self-contained and includes state of the art valves and circuitry
  • - High precision pressure transducers
  • - Backlit LED readout displays all critical leak testing functions
  • - Integral programmer with touch sensitive switches for reliable operation
  • - Soft FDA approved gaskets for perfect sealing without bottle distortion
  • - Quick disconnect air manifold for all air connections
  • - 60-220VAC eliminates the need for power line conditioners
  • - Password protected to prevent unauthorized programming
  • - Integrated back up program to reset all defaults
  • - Warranty covers 50 million individual bottle tests


  • - Trimmer mount
  • - Inline mounted to conveyor
  • - High speed inline 
  • - High speed rotary 
  • - Table top conveyor available for inline units
  • - Angle neck bottle adjustments


Watch a YouTube video of the Precision Leak Detector

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